Finding your purpose in life is already hard enough. Now that you have finally come to terms with who you are and what you were born to do you begin to ask questions. You may ask yourself “Am I good enough?” “Can I really do this?” Depending on who you are and where you are on your journey those answers will vary. Walk assured knowing that if you feel that you are meant to do something like having a strong sense of purpose, you are a special breed. More and more people everyday are beginning to awake to the wonders of the world and are asking more questions. People are searching for answers and want to know who they truly are.

Society teaches us that we are only worthy once someone else validates us and that simply is not true. As a matter of fact the only validation you need should come from you, the rest is just extra. Due to the world constantly imposing its standards on us, we find ourselves asking our friends, family, teachers, mentors for advice. We usually rely on the validation from one or all of these people as the basis for our worth and self esteem.

The truth is that everyone has the divine right to walk a path that suits them. Regardless how anyone else may feel about it. When you ask others to help make a decision for you, you are definitely asking for extra energy that could either make or break your clarity. You must remember that people will most certainly give you their opinion (most of the time) from their perspective, meaning in their best interest not yours. So make sure to use your own internal compass and use their opinion as a healthy consideration.

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I remember when I first began as an entrepreneur and freely shared my purpose with others, I was sometimes met with a skepticism. Skepticism can be healthy and serve a purpose, but at times it can be more so discouraging and even deceptive. Some people will claim to have a concern for you when in actuality they are projecting their fear and insecurity on you. Be wise enough to know the difference. Do not be super hard on them and have compassion because they could genuinely mean well. However, we live in a fear based world and people do not like to fail or be hurt. I’ve never taken failure as a thing to fear. After every failure I have always learned, grew wiser and mentally stronger. Show gratitude for situations that allow you to learn and move further knowing more then you did at first. That is a huge part of walking your purpose.

Along your path you may be unsure, so I will not go as far as to say that you should never confide in anyone. That is just not plausible and its very unrealistic. However remember that you have all the tools inside of you to guide you. Our fabric is unique to every soul who enters this world and trust that you have been equipped well. All you need to do is tap into your mind and spend time with yourself. You need to become your own best friend, fall in love with yourself. The benefits of this is the trust you will develop, confidence, compassion, and the ability to walk your path unapologetically.

Lastly remember that your vision is for you personally. Not everyone will see it if any at all. Your vibe will always attract your tribe. Your purpose is specifically tailored for you and those who will be a part of it will indeed find you. So if you are wondering why no one is supporting you, it is simply because its not their role. The people who will play a role in your vision will make their appearance. In the meantime continue to do your inner work and trust that all is as it should be.

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