Marquetta Hewitt or YMK The Creative (aka Ya Malkia) is a spiritual creative and music artist. Born August 4, 1987 in Panama City Florida. Her educational, musical, and professional life experience spans over 30 years. She currently resides in a small beautiful town in Alaska. Her passion is music and assisting others in business ideas. Sharing her philosophies on facebook she soon gained respect among her peers. From a young age she has always been involved in creating. She began writing poetry at about 6 years old and at age 14 fell in love with Hip Hop and R&B. She has continued to work on her musical talents and currently has an EP out title Rampage. She will be releasing a 4 installment mixtape series that encourages leveling up to higher frequency vibration. In her spare time she provides services such as business coaching and spiritual consultations to assist her clients in finding mental clarity and pursue their life goals. Become a part of her support base, she enjoys her sharing her knowledge and talents via her YouTube channel and social media profiles. To inquire about services you can contact her directly at