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Get insight on your life situation and what options you have available to you. Your life is yours and you are responsible for creating the life you want. I will assist you in taking an honest look into your current life situation and offer guidance and empowerment. This is not a reading. Spiritual consultation is not a substitute for medical, legal, financial, or psychiatric care.

Music Production

The prestigious and impressive music label “The Matriarchal Collective”. Innovating a new direction in music looking to be the select choice for female artists when looking for a partner in their music careers. Offering artist coaching, publishing, distribution and promotion.

Business Coaching

Introductory coaching package designed for the aspiring entrepreneur or business owner looking to take their idea online. We equip you with two books that give the run down on internet and business growth and future outlook. Lots of advice and steps to assist you in your startup venture. Additionally 2-1 hour sessions of coaching to help you get ideas and discuss possible plans of actions that align with your business goals.